DataCore UpTempo

DataCore UpTempo 1.3

Uptempo Performance Accelerator is a performance accelerator program

Sabotin is also using DataCore's UpTempo performance acceleration software to speed up the disk sub-system onhis computer. According to Sabotin, “UpTempo can take a PC and make it faster; it is that simple. Hardware manufacturers will often tout how fast their processor is. However, they rarely tout how fast their disk sub-systemis. Processors are outpacing disks by a long shot and disks just can't keep up because they are probably 10-20xslower than the processor. UpTempo can make the disk sub-system feel like it is close to equal to the processor.”

UpTempo can speed up I/O performance by 2-3x. However, instances where I/O performance is improved by 15xis not uncommon. It depends on how much applications are constrained by I/O bottlenecks. UpTempo's powerful disk cache helps optimize system resource utilization by applying processor and memory resources to the I/O bottleneck problem.

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